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There are a number of ways to book your self-catering family holiday at Shelburne Lodge. Perhaps the simplest way is just to give us a call, or send us an email.

Mike and Dinah will be happy to deal with any questions, and can confirm your booking immediately over the phone. Enquiries sent via email will be addressed within 24hrs. If you haven’t heard back from us in that time frame there’s a chance we didn’t see your email, in which case, do give us a call to follow up.

To speed things along, those details above are clickable links, meaning you can call directly from your smartphone, or send an email just by clicking.

3rd Party Booking Sites

We’re registered with a number of third party booking sites. If you prefer to deal with a brand you know, then we’ve linked to our favourite listing sites for self-catering holidays and accommodation in Argyll and Scotland below.

Of course, if you book directly with us, there’s no middle-man to pay, so you typically save up to 40% by contacting us directly. These sites are also a great way to check the availability of the lodge for your desired dates while you’re still in the planning phase. And they also contain reviews from previous house guests, which are sure to sway you in our favour!

Argyll Holidays

Book your stay with us via Argyll Self-Catering Holidays.


Book our holiday home near Lochgilpead at Booking.com

Holiday Lettings

Book your stay in Cairnbaan via the Holiday Lettings website.

If you’ve stayed at Shelnurne Lodge already, and wish to leave a review, you can email us or use our Tripadvisor listing

Available Dates

(marked in green)